Better Together

I discovered something about myself this week. Apparently…I am a slob!


You would never know this. In fact, I don’t think I knew this until this week. Christi and the kids are out of town for the week visiting family and I have been home alone. This morning I got up this morning and went on my run and was praying, singing (in my head), and thinking. As I started to think through the day about what I need to accomplish a picture of my home ran through my mind.

I haven’t made the bed all week, no clothes have been washed, the clothes that were washed last week are still on the floor in the den, paint cans from Monday’s paint project are still on the kitchen table…sadly the list goes on. What happened?

Normally, I am not a neat freak, but this is a little past the norm.

As I was running it hit me…I’m better as a WE than a ME. Whether it is my wife or kiddos, when I am with them I’m just….better. I’m more considerate, more motivated, more intentional…definitely cleaner!

It was in that moment that the Lord got my attention and a smile came across my face. God made me to be a WE not a ME! I was a me when I was lost to myself. My way of thinking. embracing my imperfections as a part of ME. I was a ME before HE reached down for ME! I was lost, alone, and sloppy in my spirit and I didn’t even know it! When I am a WE with Christ I’m better! When I take time to spend reading HIS word, gathered in HIS family, even serving HIM joyfully in my everyday roles as Pastor, Husband, Father that BETTER is so easy to recognize.

We all have a ME RELAPSE every now and then. Our ME takes advantage of our relationship with Christ and, normally by neglect, find ourselves in a sloppy mess. Don’t embrace that mess as who you are…it was who you were. It isn’t your inner self trying to escape, it is your old nature trying to make an attempt to lure you to give in.

I don’t want to ever live like a ME again. Not in my physical life. Single vs. Dad or Husband….easy answer. ( I love you babe!)  Not in my spiritual life…self consumed orphan vs. One with the Creator of all Things and the Son of the Most High God…even easier.