FBCP Holy Week Challenge


The Challenge:

Holy week lasts from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday (Easter)! You’re invited to join the challenge to take the journey through Holy Week with our church family. It’s an easy 3 step challenge:
  1. Train: Each day participate in a daily devotional based on what happened during the first Holy Week. 
  2. Experience: Different days in the week we’ll have “gatherings” for the church body to participate in the experience of Holy week and encourage each other with our stories.
  3. Share: I love how the NLT unpacks 1 Peter 3:15. It reminds us, “Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it.”  Will you be ready to share with others why you’re observing Holy Week this year? 

Get involved:

  1. Daily Devotionals: You can get your daily devotionals in print at the welcome centers, through the FBCP App (type: first baptist church pearland in your App Store) for daily notifications, or check the FBCP Website and Facebook page each day.
  2. Gatherings:
    1. Palm Sunday Service (10:45am)
    2. Wednesday Worship Serve and Prayer Walk (6:30pm)
    3. Thursday Lord’s Supper: Come and Go at FBCP (Noon – 2pm & 6 – 8pm)
    4. Friday Dinner (or meal)  Fast and Prayer (as an individual or family)
    5. Saturday Outreach opportunity – Community Easter Egg Hunt (10:30am)
    6. Resurrection Sunday (Easter) Service: (10:45am)
  3. Make it Known: Pick up a #WhatDayIsIt vinyl sticker and place it on your cell phone, laptop, tablet- somewhere it can be seen by others. If someone asks you about it, share with them. As little or as much as the Spirit leads! Be ready! A sticker isn’t the only tool. Write it places, post it on your social media account…share the Good News!