Confession – I want to be “that” family!

So growing up we would watch reruns on Nick at Night of tv shows from the 50-60’s (at least that was the setting). They were dead head shows when nothing else was on, but they were entertaining. I was a kid…it was on tv…enough said! 

Some were really hokey. Apple pie on the table, shirt tucked in kind of hokey. The older I became, making fun of this kind of TV show became the norm. The problem solved in 30 minutes became something to poke fun at. “Spicing up life” which was normally the introduction of “sin” (as all of the bible thumpers would call it) showed how much beauty was to be embraced outside of what a was right. 
No kidding. I grew up in the church, but this thought of “real life” is found outside of the boundaries was a true part of the message that I had to digest. Tempting at times…yes. Tried it…yes. But what did it bring me? 
I’m not the first to fall for the “full color” life lie. Adam and Eve tried it too. They bought into this full color pitch from the serpent. Did it expose them to new knowledge? Yes…but the knowledge was separation, regret, shame…not “new and improved” as promised.
Today, I know many people that are trying to live life and build their family on the “add a little color” philosophy. I’m confessing…I don’t want that. I want to be “that family.” The one that spontaneously breaks out into song when listening to the radio. The one that eats almost every meal together and prays together before bed. I want my wife to be treasured and not thrown to follow my selfish whims. I want my daughter to know her worth and every boy that comes close to know that the standard is high…she is not to be a notch or to think so little of herself that she gives her self to the “color” of the moment. I want my son to respect, even when he is not respected and to find his strength in his relationship with his Lord. 
I want to be “that.” It won’t happen by accident. I can’t wish it to be true…it is tough and will get tougher. As a father, I will have to set the course, model all of this, and lead my family even in my selfish moments. I must be selfless and serving. 
My Father in heaven did this for me. I just have to follow His example…because at the end of the day, the family that I want, He’s has already began forming. Forever, this family will be beautiful…maybe people will try to describe it as black and white right now, but I know the truth….it is really life in “technicolor.”