Sunday–Day 1: Palm Sunday’s Triumphal Entry

Read Matthew 21:1-11

Meditate: What a day! What would it have been like if you were witnessing the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem this day? Can you picture it?

Apply: “The Lord has need of it.” The Lord has need of you. He has a prepared purpose for your life, even for this very day. Look for opportunities to be a workhorse for the Lord today.


Monday–Day 2: Monday Jesus Clears the Temple

Read Mark 11:15-19

Meditate: Jesus said “His house shall be called a house of prayer for the nations.” Consider for a moment the joy the Lord takes in the diversity of believers who call upon his name. 

Apply: Pray for believers of every nation today. Ask the Lord to cleanse your life and the lives of other believers of the junk that gets in the way of your approaching Him in prayer. 


Tuesday–Day 3: Tuesday in Jerusalem, Mount of Olives

Read John 12:20–38

Meditate: Jesus spent the day teaching the people about true life. The teaching focuses on letting go of our life and surrendering it to God. Still through all this, there were many who didn’t believe. Meditate on the “red letters” in this passage – What is Jesus telling you to let go of? 

Apply: Take a practical step – what is one thing you can let go of for the day/week so you can focus more on Jesus?


Wednesday–Day 4: Silent Wednesday

Read Exodus 14:13-14

Meditate: There is no record of Wednesday events. Many see it as a day of anticipation. In Exodus we find God’s people on the edge of the Red Sea – “Stand by and see the salvation” was the charge. Take a moment, don’t speak a word…What is God speaking in your silence?

Apply: Today, use less words, but make them more meaningful! As you pray, speak of Jesus, pause every word before you let go of it. 


Thursday–Day 5: Thursday’s Passover, Last Supper

Read Luke 22:7-38

Meditate: The day before his death, Jesus gave us a symbol looking forward to what he would accomplish on the cross. As you read this passage meditate on the power of this moment 

Apply: If you can, head to FBCP and take the Lord’s supper today. If not, as you order your meals or pack your lunches today pick things that will keep this “supper” on the forefront of your mind. 


Friday–Day 6: Good Friday’s Trial, Crucifixion, Death, Burial

Read Mark 15:33-47

Meditate: The confession of the centurion is a powerful moment that summed up the cross from the ground floor of man. Take time to let this moment and what Christ accomplished for you sink in. 

Apply: Confession. Make a list (on paper or in your mind) of the ways that Jesus has shown himself as the Son of God in your life. Consider doing a fast today. Fasting a meal or even a partial fast of something specific. When the cravings strike, let that call you into a time of prayer. 


Saturday–Day 7: Saturday in the Tomb

Read Matthew 27:62-66

Meditate: Laid in the tomb. God hadn’t stopped working, but man would net see it again until the next day. Meditate on what is must have been like to live in the “pause” of that Sabbath. 

Apply: We don’t live in the “pause” today, but so many others do! They don’t know the truth! Look for a chance to share it! Be it at the Easter Outreach at FBCP or in another situation. 


Sunday–Day 8: Resurrection Sunday!

Read Mark 16:1-14

Meditate: “Hallelujah and wait a minute!” Both of these thoughts went through the mind of the disciples that day! Have you ever had to do a double take when it comes to Jesus! Take time to recall all of the times Jesus has surprised you in your life! 

Apply: He is RISEN! Today is a day of all out Jubilation. So many things may tempt you from putting your focus on Jesus. Make an intentional effort to make everything you do bring glory to God! (be creative!)