Thursday, June 1
There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes as we prepare to serve on mission.
Luke 14:28-30
PRAY – Pray for all of the leaders and those serving in VBS and the Costa Rica Mission trip. Pray that the Lord will help them prepare and that our church would be stirred up by the joy (and cost) of being a disciple.
Friday, June 2
Jesus told us to “Go and make disciples.” In all that we do, we want people to see and hear the gospel! Jesus is the sweetest gift anyone can receive! 
– Romans 3:23
PRAY-For the people we reach out to will recognize their need for a Savior.
Saturday, June 3
Our actions have to be sourced in a pure heart. It’s an easy thing to begin a work for Christ only to get distracted along the way. Our mission is to seek Him and call others to follow!
– Jeremiah 29:13
PRAY – Pray that kids and workers will seek Jesus with all their hearts before, during, and after VBS and the Costa Rica Mission trip.
Sunday, June 4
Purpose is a big part of life no matter your age, location, or stage of life. Sometimes we find ourselves so busy looking for this purpose, that we miss God’s plans! As we encounter others through missions, we are living out one of God’s purposes for us! We are taking the Good News that points to God’s plan to others! 
– Jeremiah 29:11
– Ask God to help the people we encounter in Costa Rica and those who come to VBS to know that His plan is for them to have a relationship with Jesus.
Monday, June 5
When we carry the love and Good News of Christ we are not alone! We are following in His footsteps. We want to go, where He leads, where the Lord has already prepared hearts for His seed! 
-Ezekiel 36:26
-For God to prepare the hearts of the community to respond well to the gospel and God’s reputation to be built up.
Tuesday, June 6
Serving together is a joy for sure, but when we are serving the Lord the enemy is hard at work against us. It is important that our attitude is focused on God’s grace and not our own thoughts or intentions. As we lift up our teams, we also need to lift up those we are ministering to that God’s grace will cover their hearts and lives. 
-Hebrew 12:15
– A shield of protection around our church’s VBS and our Costa Rica Mission team. Let no root of bitterness spring up to cause trouble.
Wednesday, June 7
Christ is and always will be our perfect model for living a life pleasing to God! In fact, he is the ONLY way to live a life this way. One thing we know from scripture is that we are growing in our faith. Not perfect, but growing.  This is important for us at all ages. The Lord puts our growth to good use for His glory and mission! 
-Luke 2:52
Ask God to help the children who attend VBS increase in wisdom concerning His Word.
Thursday, June 8
It’s all about Jesus! Don’t you love hearing a good story?! To me, the best stories are the ones shared first hand! You can’t hardly beat the passion of a person retelling a story they have lived through…the reality of it, the passion, the emotion. As they relive the event, it’s almost like being there with them! God made His eternal story evident through Christ! His story is our story! He dwelt with us in the flesh and now in spirit! We have a story.  Have you shared it lately?
-John 1:14
-Thank God for sending His Son, Jesus, to pay the penalty for our sins.
 Friday, June 9
There was a game I played as a youth…If you love me, then smile! You know love has a way of making our work more meaning fun for all involved! Our motivation and example for serving this way is Christ himself! Paul reminded the early church of the importance of this! 
-1 Corinthians 
Ask God to help everyone involved in VBS and our missions teams to do everything with love.
Saturday, June 10
Things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes we can forget that we are on God’s mission and not our own. 
-Proverbs 19:21
Ask God to help our church remember His plans are the ones that will prevail.
Sunday June 11
Missionaries go and do! That’s for sure, but the fuel for our actions matters! We go to share the love and mercy that Christ shared with us! We go to share the beautiful knowledge of our relationship with Him! That’s something to sing about! 
-Hosea 6:6
Pray for those who lead through teaching, building, and music.  Ask God to give them energy that will excite others to learn about God.