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Global Missions



FBCP currently supports 17 Kenyan students that are in secondary school along with a social worker, Emily Aloyo.


These students have either lost one or both parents. They live at the boarding schools during the school year, and go home to family members over school breaks and holidays.


In addition to paying the tuition for the students, we also supply for their basic needs, things like haircuts, shoes, uniforms, books, and bedding.


If you would like to make a one-time or a recurring donation to our Kenya Ministry, please click on the “Donate” button below.

EL Salvador


John and Robbie Triplett serve on the mission team and have worked and supported Kendrick Ministries for years in El Salvador. El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. It is only about the size of Massachusetts, yet has around 7 million inhabitants. There are an estimated 3 million more expatriate Salvadorans living in the U.S. and Canada. Most of these expatriates provide economic relief for their families still living in El Salvador.

The country is bordered by Guatemala, Honduras, and the Pacific Ocean. It is a beautiful country filled with mountains, volcanoes, and beaches.

The capital San Salvador boasts a population of 2 million people and is a modern, growing, and dynamic city. However, much of the country is still rural in nature and the economy in large part is still based on agriculture. And this is the focus of our work.

While the majority of people in El Salvador are lost, without Christ, the Christian population is growing rapidly. There is liberty to share the gospel openly, even in public schools. And, over the past decade or so, a great spiritual harvest has been reaped.

Paul said, "My prayer and heart's desire for Israel is that they be saved." Our prayer and heart's desire is that EVERYBODY in El Salvador be saved, as well. First Baptist began in 2020 by providing Christmas gift boxes for children in the central part of the country as a means of sharing Jesus with them. Our plan is to repeat this in 2021. You can help by contacting John or Robbie at jorobtrip@gmail.com

COsta Rica


FBCP has worked with a ministry in Costa Rica called Casa Vida Nosora located on the Pacific side of this beautiful country. Our church, along with several other churches in the U.S., supports the ministry which is multi-faceted. If you are interested in learning more please let us know by contacting the church.

A Message From COStA RICA

Since the beginning of our relationship with First Baptist Church in Pearland (2016) and through the financial support they have given us both, to the Valverde family and to Casa Vida Nosara, we have been able to accomplish many things. Here are some examples:

group photo.jpg
road photo.jpg
  • 2 Services Every Sunday

  • Bible Studies / Discipleships / Reading Clubs

  • 12 Mercy Homes

  • Attend 3 International Christian Conferences

  • 4 National Outreach Events

  • “Training Mothers to Teach” Program

  • 3 Mission Trips to Panama

  • Seminary on Wheels (3 per year)

  • Playground in Los Angeles

Casa Vida Nosara