How is FBCP helping?
FBCP was one of the first teams on the ground when the rain stopped. We had over 50 homes on our list and with the cooperation of other churches and organizations, every home we were given had help during the clean up. Along with the other great churches in Pearland and the local school districts (PISD & FISD)…hundreds of families were helped in the early responder days. 
FBCP has also served as a cleaning supply center for the past 2 weeks.  With the help of many others through donations, we have been able to give over 600 kits in our community. Most kits had a retail value of approx. $20-25. Each kit included: bleach, clorox wipes, gloves, masks, all purpose cleaner, trash bags and rags. Many of our kits included a mold inhibitor and mop/broom. 
There is still much to be done in the Pearland and surrounding area, so we are transitioning for the long haul.  
Long Term Plan:
1. We are partnering with many other churches in Pearland in welcoming the Samaritan’s Purse Ministry.  Samaritan’s purse will be training and sending groups from inside our community and outside our community to continue sending clean out teams Monday-Saturday for months to come.  Information on how to volunteer to help or to call and get your home on the list can be found below. 
2. FBC Pearland is collecting gift cards to give out to home owners and will be working especially with those who were without flood insurance to help them recover. The number we’ve been hearing is that only 15% of homeowners had flood insurance, so there is much help that is needed. Below is a link so that you can make a donation to the FBCP Harvey Fund. All monies received will be used to help local families retool and provide the supplies they need as they rebuild and restart their lives. 
3. Continued Love. Even when the sheetrock is dry and floors replaced, we won’t be forgetting those who’ve been impacted. Over the next few months, FBCP will be intentionally reaching out to impacted families and making sure they are loved and cared for. 
The best way to sign up to volunteer is through Samaritan’s Purse. 
If you are in need of Assistance with home clean out, please call the information in the Samaritan’s Purse graphic. You should be contacted within 3 days for an assessment.
If you would like to bring a group from out of town to help…come on! You can contact FBCP and we will do our best to find housing for your team.
      To make a donation to the FBCP Harvey Fund