Our Journey 

FBCP’s Kenya Orphan is ministry is grounded in Kenya, Africa just outside the city of Homa Bay. The original orphanage was birthed in the fall of September 2006, when a team of eight members including the Senior and Missions Pastor from FBCP went on a mission trip. After meeting with Pastor Daniel Oyoko and his wife Christine we ministered to men, women and children in the Homa Bay area, and other parts of the country. Pastor Daniel later took us to his home outside of Homa Bay. He showed us where he had been helping many orphans who had been abandoned for various reasons. Many were there due to death of their parents, exposure to HIV/AIDS and poverty. Pastor Daniel conveyed his struggle with trying to find ways to house, feed, teach and keep the children safe. In addition to his ultimate goal in life to teach the gospel, he was moved with compassion to help these children. He shared his vision with us for an orphanage to house the children.

The FBCP team, along with Pastor Daniel and his wife, went to the property and prayed over the land. We believed that God would supply all of the children’s needs and that one day they would have an orphan facility for the glory of the Lord. After returning to our home church in Pearland, the FBCP team shared with our congregation what the Lord was doing in Kenya and how they believed that God would want us to help build an orphanage. Although the task seemed to be very big, we found out very quickly that nothing is too big for God. As they say in Kenya, “We serve a BIG BIG GOD!”


In October of 2015, Lawyer Jolley and Pastor David made the most recent trip to Kenya! The Children were well fed and cared for! Of the original 52 orphans, 26 remained as the rest have moved on to the Secondary School. 



Through much prayer and discussion with the Orphan Council, it was decided that the best path moving forward was to commit to the children through Secondary School and continue making an impact long term for the children. In order to do this, our Team arranged for our orphanage to join another, OUR LADY OF ORORE BOARDING PRIMARY SCHOOL. This move has provided the orphans, better meals, more opportunities to learn (there is a new library that has just been completed for the children), and more relationships  in their lives.


Our church continues to employ a social worker in Kenya to work alongside of the children in the primary school orphanage, but now she also has opportunity to provide oversight to those attending secondary school! As we begin this next step in our journey, it is an exciting time for the children and our church family! 

“Anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to Christ certainly will not lose his reward.” Mark 9:41