Getting Ready for Worship this Sunday

Tomorrow will be a first for our church family as we conduct a worship service, without a central gathering space. To help prepare us, I want to share a few things you can expect tomorrow and in the coming days.

What to expect THIS Sunday

Decide the best way for you to join in worship. We have 2 ways available:

- Facebook:

- The FBCP Website:

Both of these links will take you where you need to go. If you’re joining by Facebook, we’d love for you to “check in” by making a comment under the video feed in the comment section! The Service feed will begin a few minutes before 10:45am.

The worship service will contain the normal elements, but may look a little different. Our team is working to make sure everything is aimed to help you, at home, feel most able to participate. This week's service will include scripture reading, welcome and updates, singing and a sermon. Online we’ll also have a link that will appear in our feed that will allow you to submit prayer requests, give your tithes/offerings and even fill out a contact card if the Spirit leads you to reach out to a church leader for personal prayer and counseling.

In the future, if our climate necessitates more times of virtual (LiveStreaming) worship, we’ll include a children’s object lesson and video testimonies as well.

How to participate in a Virtual Service

Audio/Video: Make sure you are in a place with a good internet signal and a device/screen that you can see clearly and watch for 60 minutes. Make sure the device you are watching has enough volume for you to hear, even when YOU'RE singing!

Bible: Pull out your Bible, pen, and a sheet of paper. If you normally use the Bible app on your phone as your Bible, make sure you aren’t also planning to use your phone as the source to watch the service! Take notes, in fact, if you’re watching the service with others, take time after the service ends to share what the Lord revealed to you during the service!

Giving: My highest spiritual gift is generosity! I love to give. The only check I still write is my tithe check…to me there’s something fun about dropping it in the offering basket! So how can we obediently and joyfully give during this time? Here are a few options:

1. Physically:

-by mail: (3005 Pearland Parkway, 77581)

-stop by: on the north side we have a mail slot you can drop your tithes/offerings

that leads directly inside the FBC facility.

2. Set up a gift through your financial institution:

- this will require you to go to your banks' website and follow their instructions to set

up a gift.

3. Web:

-go to the church website and click on the “Giving” Tab at the

top of the page. It will take you to a secure page where you can make your gift and

will send you a receipt by email.

4. Text:

-Text the following number 281.369.4580 and then in the message, type in the amount of your gift (ex. If you type 100, it will give a gift of $100)

-If this is your first time to give through text, you’ll most likely receive a response asking you to ‘update your payment method.’ It’s completely safe to click that link. It will take you to a page to set up your contact info and payment info. Once you’ve set that up, then you’ll have to text the amount of your gift again for the transaction to occur. (so the process for your first gift might look like this (you text “100” the reply, ‘update your payment method,’ you click the link. Then you text 100 again, the response…Your gift is complete.)

- We’ve included a screen shot so you’ll have an idea of what to expect.


Need for Prayer: click this link and fill out the form and your prayer request will be sent to our church leadership

Want to connect: If you want to make sure we have your contact information, fill out this card and we’ll make sure to update your info and reach out to you.


Whether you are gathering with friends, family, or are watching by yourself…you are not alone! You are a part of this amazingly BIG family of Christ, joining with voices around our community, you may only hear the voices and see the faces on the computer, but let me assure you, hundreds of other believers are singing, praying and learning with you! So sing out! Pray on bended knee! Invite the Lord into your space!

Ok church. I know this is new and may be challenging to navigate at first. Let me assure you, we’re here for each other. The body of Christ was never about a building, the building was simply a “known space” to gather. Nothing’s going to stop us from gathering! We are already in the process of planning new ways to stay connected, growing through God’s Word and biblical community. Keep your eyes open for each update. I believe in the very core of my being, on the other side of this season, our church family will be a stronger family of faith!

For His Glory,

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