Seizing The Can’t Miss Moment…

In the background a moment happens. David’s men say, “take the easy layup!” This moment MUST be from God! It makes sense doesn’t it? There would be no struggle, no more loss of life, we will all walk out together with Saul’s head and make our way to the palace. 
Ever had a moment that seemed so easy that you rationalize…it must be from God? Hungry and find a $20 on the ground in the hall at church or a personal fault in a leader only need be exposed and you have the chance to take the place and lead “the right way.” I’ve seen marriages fall apart, children deserted by a father/mother and friendships dissolved because the opportunity that was afforded was so sweet that it must be from God! It’s too much money to pass up, a chance to be valued like you’ve always wanted, this chance could set you up for life and give those who depend on you stability like you never had…no need to consult God on this one, even a child could see this train coming. 
This was the advice from David’s men that day. It would be hard to argue in the moment, but David did. Saul, no matter how sinful, was the man leading God’s people. David respected the Lord and therefore trusted God to deal with Saul. Can you imagine what would have taken place if David would have taken this “layup?” Friendship with Jonathon…ruined. The enemies of God’s people…laughing at the ridulous ending of Israel’s first king. David with grandchildren sitting on his lap, saying let me tell you the story of how I became king…cowardly.  Praise God David was not so self centered to simply jump on this once and a lifetime opportunity. 
In verse 15 he says rightly…”Let the Lord decide.” The Lord did decide and David became a great king who’s story pointed the people of Israel to the coming Messiah. 
Today, before you jump on a can’t miss, once in a lifetime opportunity. Take moment, don’t assume it is God’s will simply because God laid it before you. Seek the Lord’s perspective and His clarification on the moment. It may just save you from the fallout of seizing the wrong opportunity.